Ender 3, filament not sticking.

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Greg asked 4 years ago


I got an Ender 3 for xmas. I've been printing along fine until last week. I changed the filament and since then I've not been able to get anything to print. last week I ran out of filament and put a new one in. PLA, same brand.

I've tried nearly everything I've found online:

1) level the bed about 1000000 times.

2) I was printing at 205C and a bed temp of 60C. I've changed the hotend down to 185C and the bed up to 85C, to see if that was it. I did notice that after test prints, it seems like the extruder is rubbing in places, where the warp seems to be, but I don't know why that would cause it to not stick in the places where it's level.

3) changed the extruder.

4) the Atomic cleaning thing

5) leveled the bed

6) changed to a different filament.

7) cleaned out around the bowden tube

Now it appears that there is a slight warp in my bed, it's higher in the middle. it wont print on the edges or the middle. the filament seems to wrap around the extruder. it'll stick for a little bit then either come off or start bunching. I noticed the fan on the side of my hot end is not working anymore, but it had been up until last night. I do have a glass top I could put on the bed. I'm going to try that but I also wanted to get some help from people who know more than I do. Am I missing anything? Any other advise? Going to do some research on how best to attach the glass plate and give that a shot tonight if no one has any other suggestions.



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