The Prusa MK4

Prusa releases its new MK4 3D printer.

The Prusa MK4 3D printer was finally released by Prusa Research today, and from the looks of things, you get a lot of printers for your money—possibly enough to make it to our list of the best 3D printers. for more than a year, the team have been operating hundreds of units.

The mainboard of the MK4 is a 32-bit STM32-powered “xBuddy board,” which also offers Ethernet access and, more significantly, new features like Input Shaper (fine speed control of the motion system) and Pressure Advance. (As the nozzle speeds up, the filament is extended; as it slows down, it is retracted.). 

Prusa MK4 specs and build

The Nextruder changes the aperture’s diameter using quick-swap nozzles. Larger nozzles result in quicker prints, and it ships standard with a 0.4mm nozzle. Now, switching out the nozzles only requires releasing two thumbscrews and severing two cables. The hotend is then fully released. 
The MK4 uses a 1.75mm diameter filament that is fed directly into the 10:1 planetary extruder, a drive gear with a large contact area to reduce slippage, and a maximum build volume of 250 x 210 x 220 mm. 

A hall sensor is also included in the Nextruder to monitor filament runouts. This sensor is located at the top of the gantry on some printers, including the Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro, Plus, and Max, and it trembles as the print moves across the bed. A break-out board located on the back of the device provides easy access to all of the Nextruder’s electronics.

Experienced 3D printer users are aware of the significance of the first layer. To make sure we have perfection, we frequently watch over the first layer. The MK4 automates the process to deliver a flawless first layer every time. Levelling your printer perfectly is an art form. 
Around 350,000 MK3 3D printers were sold worldwide, demonstrating how well-liked they were. The MK4 appears to have been created in almost every way to succeed the MK3 line. Around 90% of the parts in the MK4 have been changed or upgraded compared to the MK3S+. Only a few parts from the upgrade were kept.

Limited quantities of the Prusa MK4 can be purchased directly from Prusa Research for $1099 as an assembled unit. Upgrade kits will be offered shortly for $799. 

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