Talking to Daniel Noree About Open RC F1 and Drones

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In this interview Chris brings back Daniel Noree to ask more details about his process and fun with Open RC, how it came about, and where it might be going.

Daniel Noree The 3D Printing legend with OpenRC and 3DBenchy

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  1. Richard Bynum says

    This is what I am most excited about! I’ve been into R/C vehicles over 30 years and have a room full of electronics and controllers. The main problem is replacing broken parts. Having to wait on the UPS truck each time a part breaks makes for less driving time! I would love to make my own parts plus eventually make my own “one-off” vehicles. Even if they’re not great it will be super fun making my own ideas!

  2. gaehl says

    I have to get around to printing some of the F1 RC cars I think my kids (and I :P) would love them.

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