The 2 Big Lies of 3D Printing in Manufacturing, and the Business of 3D Printing

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What are the two biggest lies of using 3D printing in manufacturing? What advice can we give to people looking to 3D printing as a business, or to monetize their 3D printer? Discover answers to these questions and more as Chris interviews John Hauer, CEO of Get3dSmart, 3D printing business guru and gonzo tech journalist!

Johan Hauer


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  1. Jared Heifetz says

    Oh wow, that’s crazy!

  2. Jonas says

    finally someone who speaks out

  3. Mike says

    Very interesting!

  4. Jannick Madsen says

    Very interesting

  5. Simon says

    I have tried 3D Hubs, they push you so far down in price it is not worth it for a one-man band.

  6. Dorothy Tang says

    Crazy! Nice article!

  7. Tom Baxter says

    This a good interview! “Real Talk”

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