The 13 Phases of 3D Printing

The 13 Phases of 3D Printing

In this episode Chris walks you through the 13 phases of 3D printing, from anticipation all the way to expert.

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  1. The title caught my attention. the podcast is really good. My first 3D Printer was the old printrbot 1405, it was wood and the aluminum bed had a millimeter warp, which didn’t allow the print to be perfect. Took me a week to get the damn thing right; I literally kicked the printer around my house, didn’t break. So I can share with my fustration. Nevertheless, it was a good start printer; i learned the mechanics and appreciated the machine better.

    I didn’t really begin to appreciate the machines until i bought a more expensive unit, plastic scribbler, i worked horse the baby, but after 6 months and a very humid summer, the rods began to rust and it began screwing up. I sold it on as scrap and moved on.

    Great, podcast. I guess I got a basis for my own.