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Chris Interviews 3D MEETUP´s Jonathan Lundström

3D MEETUP is around the corner and Chris got a first glimpse at whats to come

3D Meetup meets up with Chris

Jonathan Lundstrom is being interviewed by Chris

Miles speaks with Gauthier de Valensart founder of Filaments Directory

Miles sits down with Gauthier de Valensart. Creator of The Filaments Directory. Talking about filaments, trends and how the project began. You can find us...

Want to add a Laser Engraver to Your 3D Printer?

Maybe want to Cut and Engrave with your Prusa?

Making Money With 3D Printing

In this first episode of a series, Chris introduces the 4 main ways that people make money with 3d printing, and gives a reality check of what is actually involved versus the fantasy

Interview with Bondtechs Martin Bondéus

Checkout Bondtechs Extruders while you Listen to Martin and chris talking about Bondtechs history and what is expected in the future.

The 3D Printing Business with Jon Acosto

In this episode Chris interviews Jon Acosto about the 3D Printing business. They cover the big mistake companies make, what Digital Sharecropping is, how...

TCT Birmingham Report – What is new in the world of 3D Printing

Miles reports back from the TCT event in Birmingham, England, to tell us what is new in 3D Printing

Ultimaker / Cura Hot Seat – Featuring Luis Rodriguez

Ultimaker is considered by many the gold standard of prosumer 3d printers and Cura is an extremely popular slicer. In this interview Chris digs...

SelfCad – Interview with Aaron Brewer

Listen as Chris Garrett discovers why Selfcad offers more than free alternatives like Tinkercad, including more advanced modelling, design history, powerful search, AND slicing.

Interview with The Millebot inventor Andy Tran – Millebot The biggest 3d printer you...

In this episode Chris talks to Andy Tran, the Modern Inventor. They talk inventing, using 3d printers and CNC to manufacture, and millebot the biggest...

3d printing, Creative Commons, Copyright and making money with Etsy – Interview with Joseph...

In this interview Chris talks about making money with your 3d design and printing business, from etsy to 3d hubs, and the controversial practices...