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  • Axial-AXA1053-Nylon-Locking-Hex-Nut-10-Piece-M3-Black-0

    Axial AXA1053 Nylon Locking Hex Nut (10-Piece), M3 Black

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  • Axial-AXA146-Hex-Socket-Flat-Head-Screws-10-Piece-M3x12mm-Black-0

    Axial AXA146 Hex Socket Flat Head Screws (10-Piece), M3x12mm, Black

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  • Axial-AXA463-Hex-Socket-Tap-Flat-Head-Screws-10-Piece-3x6mm-Black-0

    Axial AXA463 Hex Socket Tap Flat Head Screws (10-Piece), 3x6mm, Black

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  • Axial-AXA465-Hex-Socket-Tap-Flat-Head-Screws-10-Piece-M3x10mm-Black-0

    Axial AXA465 Hex Socket Tap Flat Head Screws (10-Piece), M3x10mm, Black

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