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MarkForged’s simulation software takes the guesswork out of 3D printing.

3D printer company Markforged has released additional simulation features for its additive manufacturing software. The company offers a free trial up until April 2023. After that, the business anticipates making the feature available with a subscription.

It requires confidence in part strength to integrate 3D printing into tools and end-use applications. Simulation enables manufacturers to extend their use of additive manufacturing into the most demanding production applications by swapping the slow and expensive design, print, and break testing cycles with virtual testing.

Reduced Time Cost

Vehicles with jet engines from Larsen Motorsports reach speeds of more than 280 mph.

Although Josette Roach, a rookie dragster driver sponsored by House of Kolor,

uses stock aluminium steering wheels, are designed for hands that are much larger than her own,

which compromises both performance and safety.

A Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforced Onyx steering wheel that Larsen Motorsports designed and printed using simulation is robust enough to take the place of aluminium.

“Now that we can simulate it,

we can test it and refine it until we find a design that we like, said Brian Tocci, Director of Operations at Larsen Motorsports. No need to print ten distinct components, I say.

” All of it is possible in simulation.”

Simulation: A Novel 3D Workflow

Simulation is created for additive manufacturing and functions within Markforged’s Eiger software slice and print workflow, in contrast to standard software tools that require specialized knowledge and time-consuming analysis.

By selecting the anchor and load surfaces and setting the weights, the factor of safety, and the maximum deflection, any user can verify the strength and stiffness of a part through virtual testing.

Then, to meet print cost and speed objectives while keeping acceptable strength, they can optimize parts by automatically selecting print settings for floors, walls, infill, and fibre reinforcement.

“Simulation enables our customers to deploy The Digital Forge deeper into their manufacturing operations by replacing more mission-critical tooling,”

says Shai Terem, president and chief executive officer of Markforged.

and end-use metal parts with validated and optimized 3D printed advanced composite parts with continuous Fiber reinforcement.”

“Our objective to deliver industrial part manufacture to the point of demand is key to cloud-based software innovation, like Simulation.”

For everyone who has a Markforged Eiger account, Simulation is currently available globally as a free trial. On Friday, November 18th at 11:40 in Hall 12, Stand E38, Markforged will present

“How simulation, in-process monitoring and inspection will drive the future of additive manufacturing.”

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