Making money from 3D printing in 2023

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A couple of years ago, 3d printing was seen as a luxury that only a few could afford.
Today, however, the technology is more widely used, making it more available and reasonably priced.
Those who aren’t quite ready to invest in their 3D printer might even be able to borrow one from their neighbourhood library.
Given how popular 3D printing has become,

it should come as no surprise that it can now be a full-time job or a way to supplement your income job.
The best 3D printers can make almost anything users can imagine and are simple enough for beginners to use.
As a result, we only discuss side jobs in this article that can help you earn from 3D printing.

3d printing Educational models

In teaching students, all schools use common medical or scientific models, many of which are out-of-date and even only flimsily held together.

Schools would therefore actually benefit from replacing their current models and,

more intriguingly, giving them new and unique 3D-printed models to improve the student’s knowledge of concepts, ideas, and topics.

3d printed toys

3D printed octopus

Toys made using 3D printing include everything from vehicles and figurines to puzzles and board games. When it comes to making toys for both children and adults, the options are truly limitless. Even newbies can join in thanks to online templates, but more experienced 3D printer users can create unique designs. You can download low-cost or free STL files to start making 3D-printed toys right away if you search for 3D print models.

Reviewing 3d printers

An expert on 3D printers can get in touch with a manufacturer and request to review their products. The manufacturer may pay you, or the blog that will publish your content may pay you. One of the simplest ways to profit from 3D printing in 2023 is this.
Office Supplies
Workplaces are starting to use 3D printed tools,3d printers can be used to design a unique object or aesthetic for your workplace.
These printed materials not only give useful solutions for the office or home office, but they also present a chance to express one’s creativity and encourage teamwork.

Youtube channel

Yes I know, very cliche but hear me out.
. You can look over materials and software packages in addition to 3D printers.


it will take a lot of time to monetize a YouTube channel, but since this is a side business, you won’t mind.

Hobby supplies

Even though 3D printing can be a hobby in and of itself, it’s a great way to make craft and hobby supplies. A variety of molds are available for making products that can be used or sold.

3D Scanning

Reverse engineering has felt a rise in popularity since the arrival of 3D printing.

Many industries are now scanning outdated or old machine parts and having them 3D printed because it is so simple to print any kind of object in 3D.
There are many ways to make money with 3D scanning.

It only takes a scanner, which will undoubtedly cost money, but you can also buy smaller handheld scanners and offer scanning services instead.

The best strategy is to find work through online freelance jobs. Numerous websites list open positions, and you can also speak with businesses directly to learn more about contract work.

When you have a few potential clients in mind, you can begin scanning and making digital files.

or you can simply write a really good article for a blog.

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