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Lubrizol Releases New TPU Solution For HP MULTI JET FUSION 3d Printing

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Ohio-based chemicals and materials company Lubrizol revealed the release of ESTANE 3D TPU M88A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) under a selective availability program.

The HP Jet Fusion 5200 series,

a 3D printing solution appropriate for production applications was specifically developed and certified for this grade.
According to the manufacturer,

ESTANE 3D M88A is a strong and flexible material perfect for producing parts as well as printing intricate geometries and lattice structures.
According to Gert-Jan Nijhuis, general manager of Lubrizol,

“The team has been working diligently with our partners to develop a new grade that is flexible, durable, with good aesthetics, and design flexibility

while maximizing operational efficiencies for our customers by minimizing manual labour needed.”

How does HP’s MJF technology work with ESTANE 3D M88A?

As a licensed HP materials partner, ESTANE 3D TPU M88A was created closely with HP.

For processing and unpacking in HP’s industrial-grade Jet Fusion 5200 printers that use powder bed fusion technology,

ESTANE 3D TPU M88A is a soft, adaptable polymer.

At Lubrizol’s Avid Product Development and Advanced Materials facilities,

as well as with beta partner Prototal AB, it has undergone extensive testing and development.
When ESTANE 3D TPU M88A is made available in the first quarter of 2023,

3D printing businesses will be able to efficiently target various final parts while gaining from HP’s improved 3D printing technology.

Lubrizol’s TPU solution for HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 series
Lubrizol’s TPU solution for HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 series

The new material, according to Lubrizol, enables printing times that are 45% faster than those of the currently available Lubrizol TPU.

Applications could be quickly unpacked at room temperature, allowing for flexible production schedules.
compared to other TPU parts, ESTANE 3D M88A enables softer TPU-based lattice designs that can be dyed rather than coated to offer a wide range of colour options.

With numerous customization and personalization options,

the new material is used in prosthetics and orthotics and is suitable for a range of consumer,

industrial, and automotive applications.

Materials compatible with HP’s MJF technology

Before now, 3D printing company DyeMansion,

which makes AM finishing systems, released 17 new colours made specifically for post-processing grey HP MJF parts made of Polyamide 12. (PA12).

After going into full-scale production in July 2020,

the vivid colour palette opened up a whole new world of possibilities for grey 3D-printed parts. Customers with HP Jet Fusion 4200 or 5200 systems had the opportunity to take part in a beta program to test the new colour gamut before it was officially released.

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