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Laser Additive Solutions Takes 3D Printing to New Heights

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Let’s talk about something pretty cool happening in Doncaster. Ever heard of Laser Additive Solutions (LAS)? They’re this awesome company that provides laser processing and 3D printing services. They’re based right here in Doncaster, and they’ve got big plans, especially for the UK space sector. How cool is that?

LAS, which started back in 2015, knows its stuff when it comes to laser work and 3D printing. They’re like the experts of experts, with over 50 years of combined experience in precision laser repair, manufacturing, and joining processes. They serve all sorts of industries, from engineering to aerospace and even the military. Impressive, right?

Now, they’ve got this new toy – a TruPrint 3000 3D printer from a company called TRUMPF. And they’re not stopping there. If things go well, this printer might just be the first of many metal 3D printers for them.

Pioneering the UK Space Sector with Innovative Metal 3D Printing and Laser Expertise

LAS acquires the Tru print 3000

But wait, what’s a TruPrint 3000? Well, it’s this nifty machine that can 3D print metal stuff. Imagine printing things out of metal, like a magic printer for metal creations! LAS was thinking about getting a different machine at first, but then they got wind of this TruPrint 3000 that was up for grabs. It had hardly been used, practically brand new, so they jumped on the chance.

One of the big reasons for this move was a new gig they snagged – a long-term welding job that brought in some unexpected cash. With this extra income, they decided to put it towards the TruPrint 3000. Smart move, right?

They’ve got their sights set on the stars – well, sort of. LAS is interested in the UK’s space sector. You know, all the cool stuff happening in space exploration. They’re aiming to make lightweight structures that aren’t so easy to create using other methods. And guess what? The TruPrint 3000 is all set up to work with materials like super-strong titanium, which is perfect for these kinds of space-age creations.

Peter Brown, the head honcho at LAS, mentioned, “We’re starting with titanium and might try out other materials later. This TruPrint 3000 is just the beginning for us, and it’s not too different from how we work with our other laser systems. We’re all about experimenting and finding the best ways to make things.”

Oh, and get this – they’re planning to have this printer running all day and night. Yup, 24/7! Imagine the magic happening while everyone’s asleep or enjoying their weekends.


Now, LAS has been growing steadily, and they’re looking at a super big contract that’s worth over a million pounds. If they snag it, they’re going big – more laser systems, more people, and more amazing creations. They’re all about investing in their dreams and making things happen.

So, there you have it, folks! LAS, the wizards of laser and 3D printing, are stepping up their game with the TruPrint 3000. They’re eyeing the stars and bringing their expertise to the space sector. Who knows what incredible things they’ll come up with next?

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