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KraussMaffei: Recompound-based 3D printing

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Last year, KraussMaffei unveiled its additive manufacturing equipment at K2022, solidifying its position among the top machinery manufacturers that offer comprehensive solutions for the entire manufacturing process.

This means that they now cover everything from compounding PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials to 3D printing components, as well as extruding films and sheets.

At their upcoming exhibition,

KraussMaffei will showcase a bar-height table that has been 3D-printed using their powerPrint large-format 3D printer, which was introduced last October.

The table was printed using recompounded pellets derived from recycled plastic waste. Even the tabletop itself is made from recycled materials.

The KraussMaffei process

The pellets used in the printing process were recompounded using a KM ZE BluePower twin-screw extruder.

By directly processing the pellets produced in the compounding line, the need for filament production is eliminated.

This not only improves process flexibility but also makes the entire manufacturing process more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

The powerPrint printer is equipped with a closed and thermally insulated enclosure, ensuring reliable printing and efficient production of near-net-shape components. Since it is an extrusion-based system, it can handle raw materials at temperatures of up to 400°C.

The tabletop, made from recycled materials, is a 5 mm thick floor covering that is manufactured on a compounding and laminating line.

Thanks to its mono-material structure, this floor covering can be easily recycled again.

The decorative film used for lamination is made of pure polypropylene (PP),

while the core sheet of the tabletop consists of PP blended with 80% chalk content.

KraussMaffei is responsible for producing and supplying all the machinery required for the production of this table,

including the 3D printer, extruders, and compounding and laminating lines.

In summary, KraussMaffei’s additive manufacturing equipment allows for the production of eco-friendly and cost-effective components.

By using recycled materials and innovative compounding and 3D printing techniques,

they are leading the way in sustainable manufacturing processes.

Source: sustainable plastics

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  1. James says

    This is good news for our 3d printing users. 3D printer filament will get more important in 3d print industry

    1. Håkan Fägnell says

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the importance of 3D printer filament in the 3D printing industry. KraussMaffei’s recompound-based 3D printing technology definitely has the potential to enhance the quality and efficiency of filament production. This could lead to a wider range of materials becoming available for printing, allowing for greater customization and specialization in 3D printed objects. It’s exciting to see advancements in this field that can benefit both businesses and consumers alike.

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