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IperionX Supplies Recycled Titanium Parts to Ford, Boosting Sustainability and Supply-Chain Security.

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IperionX, a company that works with titanium, has partnered with Ford, a well-known car manufacturer, to provide them with an innovative type of titanium. This collaboration is part of Ford’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

A unique type of titanium

So, what’s special about this titanium? Well, it’s 100% recycled and has a low carbon footprint.

The agreement between IperionX and Ford involves creating and testing titanium components for future Ford Performance vehicles using 3D printing technology.

Titanium is an excellent choice for these parts because it’s highly resistant to corrosion,

durable, and has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it’s strong but lightweight. This makes it perfect for use in cars.

One of the most remarkable things about IperionX’s titanium is that it can be fully recycled. When a product made with this titanium reaches the end of its life, the titanium can be completely recycled. This is great because it contributes to creating a fully circular, low-carbon supply chain in the automotive industry. According to IperionX, this level of recyclability is not possible with other commercially available titanium production methods.

Taso Arima, the CEO of IperionX, expressed his pride in partnering with Ford to accelerate the adoption of a sustainable titanium supply chain for the global automotive market.

He emphasized that their low-carbon titanium, made entirely from recycled materials, can significantly improve automotive supply chains by using high-strength titanium components that are nearly half the weight of steel.

To ensure the quality and strength of IperionX’s titanium, a comprehensive testing program has been put in place. Ford’s Sustainability and Advanced Materials divisions have already conducted several tests, and IperionX’s titanium has surpassed the standards set by ASTM International. Additionally, they will be conducting a “finishing study” to explore different surface finishing options for the titanium components. This study will help determine the final design and cost of the titanium components used in Ford Performance vehicles.

Ford’s partnership with IperionX

Ford’s collaboration with IperionX aligns with its broader initiative to secure supply chains, improve sustainability, and reduce its carbon footprint. Ford recently joined the First Movers Coalition, which is a group of more than 50 companies using their influence to promote clean technologies. Volvo, Airbus, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are some of the other companies involved. This coalition aims to scale up emerging technologies that will help achieve a net-zero transition by 2050.

An independent consultancy called EarthShift Global conducted a Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate the sustainability of IperionX’s titanium. The assessment found that the titanium powder produced at IperionX’s facility in Virginia has the lowest carbon footprint among commercially available titanium powders. It generates over 90% less carbon dioxide equivalents than competing powders produced by different methods.

IperionX has a track record of collaborating with organizations to enhance sustainability and supply-chain security. They recently partnered with a pump manufacturer called Carver Pump to 3D print titanium pump parts for the US Navy. By using IperionX’s recycled titanium powders produced in the United States, the Navy aims to reduce lead times, improve equipment availability, and create a sustainable titanium supply chain.

IperionX:Increasing sustainability in the 3d printing industry

Sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and bringing supply chains closer to home are key priorities in the 3D printing industry. Companies like 6K Additive and KIMYA are actively working toward sustainable practices. For example, 6K Additive has partnered with Surgical Metal Recycling to recycle used surgical implants, converting them into new titanium powder that can be used to create new implants. KIMYA has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment for their PETG filaments and found that

using recycled filaments can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35% compared to non-recycled options.


To summarize, the collaboration between IperionX and Ford represents a significant step toward creating a sustainable and circular titanium supply chain for the automotive industry.

By using recycled, low-carbon titanium, Ford is making great strides in improving their sustainability efforts without compromising the performance and durability of their vehicles.

It’s truly exciting to witness these advancements in 3D printing and the automotive sector, where environmentally friendly practices are becoming increasingly important.

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