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FullControl GCode Designer: Empowering 3D Printing with Parametric Precision

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When it comes to designing intricate and repetitive shapes for 3D printing, the process can be challenging. Traditional CAD software often struggles to maintain the resolution and clarity of large complex geometries when sliced into layers. However, FullControl GCode Designer, a revolutionary software developed by Andrew Gleadall, aims to overcome this problem. By enabling users to generate parametric designs directly into G-code, FullControl offers unprecedented control and the ability to print vertically, unleashing new possibilities for complex geometries. In this article, we will explore what FullControl GCode Designer is, how it differs from conventional CAD software, and how it operates.

Unleashing the Power of G-Code:

At the heart of every 3D printing operation lies G-code—an instruction set that guides the printer on how, where, and when to move to fabricate a design. Without G-code, a CAD design remains theoretical. G-code brings the design to life, shaping each layer and defining the object’s dimensions and features.

FullControl GCode Designer: A Solution for Efficient G-Code Generation:

Recognizing the time-consuming nature of writing G-code, the creators of FullControl GCode Designer developed this ingenious software to streamline the process. This software introduces a novel approach to additive manufacturing by enabling users to create complex and robust components. Instead of the traditional CAD-to-slicer workflow, FullControl empowers users to design shapes using parametric equations directly in the software.

The Power of Parametric Design:

Parametric design, a well-known concept in CAD software, is widely used for 3D modelling in preparation for printing. It leverages mathematical equations and constraints to define a design’s properties. Parametric designs offer exceptional flexibility through dynamic adjustments based on underlying parameters. With FullControl GCode Designer, users can easily modify designs without revisiting the CAD model, providing unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional CAD software.

Unveiling FullControl GCode Designer’s Features:

FullControl GCode Designer offers a range of features that set it apart from conventional slicers and CAD software. Let’s delve into its notable features:

  1. Parametric Control:
    Parametric control is effortlessly blended by FullControl into the G-code generation procedure. Unlike conventional slicers that rely on static print profiles derived from CAD models, FullControl converts G-code files into dynamic entities. Users don’t need to modify the CAD model because they can adjust print parameters within the G-code itself. This precision and adaptability surpass the capabilities of conventional CAD-to-slicer setups.
  2. Advanced G-Code Settings:
    Advanced G-code options are provided by FullControl to users so they can design exact structures and shapes. By changing the vector pathways for the G-code, users can instantly change layer height, print speed, and infill patterns. This level of customization facilitates intricate designs, including fully toleranced screw threads.
  3. Parametrized Print Parameters:
    Users have extensive control over a variety of print parameters thanks to FullControl, which improves print effectiveness and quality. Users can adjust the extrusion rate, travel speed, layer height, and more. Furthermore, FullControl allows for non-planar movement during printing, even enabling vertical printing, expanding the possibilities for complex geometries.
  4. Script Enhancements:
    FullControl extends its control capabilities by offering features to add lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, reflections, and various types of repeats directly to the script. This functionality facilitates intricate adjustments and complex part creation without exiting the program.

Using FullControl GCode Designer:

FullControl GCode Designer provides three workflow options: an Excel file, Python Designer from GitHub, or interactive models on the website. The Excel file workflow involves the following stages:

  1. Create your design by defining specific print paths and previewing printer movements using a G-code viewer.
  2. Add details related to your printer in the Settings section.
  3. Click the “Generate GCode” button to produce printer-ready G-code, which can be saved and loaded onto an SD card or uploaded to an OctoPrint instance.
  4. Monitor the printing process carefully, particularly the first layer, to ensure correct execution.

User Experience and Community Reception:
FullControl GCode Designer has been warmly received, especially within academic and research environments. Students are increasingly utilizing the software to create lightweight and high-quality designs that would be challenging to achieve with traditional slicing methods. While there is a learning curve, the rewards are satisfying for those who delve into the software’s capabilities.

Support and Future Developments:
The official FullControl website and GitHub repositories are excellent sources of support. Andrew Gleadall has created YouTube videos showcasing examples and is responsive to emails. Additionally, research papers on FullControl are available for further exploration. The Reddit community is also active, providing a platform for discussions, questions, and showcasing experiments and successful prints.


FullControl GCode Designer represents a significant development in 3D printing software, enabling advanced control and precision through parametric design directly in G-code generation. With its powerful features and flexibility, FullControl empowers users to create complex geometries, optimize print parameters, and achieve high-quality prints. While still in its early stages, FullControl demonstrates promising potential and offers a gateway to more design freedom in additive manufacturing.

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