You Have a Printer ! Now What ? A Good 3D CAD

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    Do I want to print other peoples designs with faults or flaws or some specific part I truly need. Searching the web for a 3d printed part for a 59 Ford Skyliner radio knob or fancy shower curtain rings that’s not designed right is a waste of time. What 3D CAD do we use. I have looked at Blender its on my Desktop..too much to look at and learn.. congrats to those that have but I need parts today. I looked at Tinkerkad it’s ok for beginners. AutoCad if your rich and taking it at University and can understand it I’m not making a whole car. FreeCad is free but incomplete, open source and in need of our expert help to adapt to 3D printing. Sketchup is ok to build a house but lacks that 3d finese. Most other CAD are either 2D, 2Primitive or 2$$$$.$$. Most of my printing to date was done with AutoDesk 123D but that is no longer supported or available if you don’t have it already and one day it will stop working. So the search for a good 3D CAD begins .!? What do we do? We go back to the oldest CAD designer in the world before the internet even to the designers of AutoCad but not that specific program. We bite our filament and fingernails and download a Free 30 day trial of Fusion360 which in its self is $/month or $$/year unless you are a student or a non commercial hobbyist. Having watched the tutorials I can say I am impressed with its advanced features and for those already using another CAD easy to adapt to. While it is Cloud based allowing you to share you design with and get help from others there is a way to work offline for those with limited data. I would like your feedback and feelings on this matter..RWT 2018

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    If you have a programmer’s mindset, OpenSCAD is wonderful!!! It does require some spatial thinking but can do some amazing things and it’s free!!! The cheat sheet shows all the functions and each one has good examples with graphic results. Setting the $fn to a high value like 200 makes for smoother objects like circles, and minding the placement of semicolons is important. There are functions that easily generate complex structures, read the examples and learn!!!

    And it all renders nicely on your laptop, with ability to rotate and zoom for details.


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    What would you recommend as a next step for someone who is currently learning to use TinkerCAD? I really like how easy it is create simple objects as well as import files and manipulate them. I have had a couple of occasions where I wanted to make a slightly more complex shape and found the process to do it in TinkerCAD tedious. Adding fillets for example can be time consuming.

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