wondering about a new printer thats on kickstarter

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    Hey guys, there are so many new 3d printers on Facebook. On the posts I’ve come across on FB, of new companies advertising their new printers, it’s almost like people are there to troll. Its became ugly in a few of them. One of the companies even claimed other companies are trolling their posts to knock them down some. Have any of you seen it? Cubibot has got the worst of it from people. I like the look and the abilities of it. Yes it’s small and new but it looks perfect for small-scale printing and building. What do you think?

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    Yes! I’ve bought one and can’t wait!! Well, I actually got it for my nieces and nephew to have some fun when they come over too…I figured it would be a perfect size and (hopefully) trouble free for all of us. It’ll be a while before it arrives. UGH!

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    I get really excited about the 3D printers on crowd funding sites. But I have heard so many stories about people getting burned that I am afraid to donate. Hopefully I start to hear more of these startups delivering product.

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    Your right Tom! I’ve heard those stories too! And there has been a lot of arguments on Facebook about companies out to draw in money but knowing they will not be sending a product out! You don’t know who to really trust! And now it seems that some small companies are/were sending out trolls to bash their competition. And that starts making it hard to believe what a company says about their printers! Just a little seed of dought planted in someone’s head can cause them to distrust their own judgment! But I took the leap because the price (at that time) was too good to pass up! Fingers crossed!!

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    Hey im also considering to buy one from Kickstarter, they are mooz and cubitbot. anybody ever heard about it? their cheaper price attracts me although there is such story as mention above, i think every company won’t do the same mistakes right? what do you guys think?

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    Hey Andy, I am getting the Cubibot. I like all the features of it and its ability to be on WiFi and use any filament. I also like it because it comes with an enclosure. The Mooz looks amazing too and comes with a few other uses! In my opinion, you wouldn’t go wrong with either one.

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      thanks for your opinion, by the way its safe to buy one from kickstarter?

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    I’ve never bought or backed anything on Kickstarter before this but I am pretty confident in Cubibot. I’ve chatted in facebook messenger with one of the owners for a while and they put me at ease. I’ve heard bad stories of people losing money on Kickstarter before so I was really hesitant. I’ve wanted a 3D printer for so long though and this was the right time to get it because the price was super low and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford it at full price. AS far as the other 3D printer (Mooz…or something like that) They look like a sure thing too and far enough in their Kickstarter that no one should lose their money.

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      okay nice advice from you sir i will consider it further 😀

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    No problem. I’d love to know if you back/buy one of them. I think cubibot’s last day is today on their current fundraiser!! Heres the link to their Kickstarter info https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/99671519/cubibot-the-new-standard-of-modern-consumer-3d-pri

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    Ive been reading over the mooz Kickstarter and there’s 17 days to go. There’s NO risk of losing any money. It’s “All or Nothing” and it hit its goal a long time back. Even if they didn’t hit their goal you would have gotten your money back. It has a lot of options for backing. Even the first option (the cheapest) is pretty good. I think with all you only get the basic 3D printer but you can throw in an extra $79 (something like that) and get the CNC head or the laser head..Or both. The videos on there are impressive! Especially having 3 different things it can do! I know you probably already have the webpage bookmarked but I’m putting the Kickstarter link in here anyway in case someone else wants to look at it.

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    How can you say there’s “no risk” of losing money by backing a Kickstarter project? Is this a project you’re promoting yourself, or are you just naive?

    As someone who has lost money this way, I can tell you the risk is considerable, even if the project is fully funded. Some people seem to think that once the promoters have their money, that it’s all smooth sailing from there, and just a short wait until their new product arrives and starts working perfectly. But it’s not like that. All someone needs to do to put a project up on that site is have an idea for something. Whether or not they will actually put it into production is another matter entirely. They can also just pocket the money and disappear. There’s no mechanism in Kickstarter for people getting their money back once it’s been turned over to the promoters, whether on not they follow through on their promises.

    It may turn out that they were over-optimistic about how expensive it is to make a product that really works, and either ship something that doesn’t, or give up once the money runs out. Kickstarter doesn’t give the investors in a project any recourse against promoters that default; they can keep their page open but restrict adverse comments and demands for refunds. There are many projects, including 3D printers, which have been fully funded but which haven’t resulted in working printers for those who trustfully gave their money in hope of one. You can read the sad saga of the “Peachy” printer if you want an example: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/peachy-printer-caught-embezzlement-scandal-78683/

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    OK Andrew, slack off the “am I promoting or am I naive?” NO to both! After seeing Mooz on the web for so long and seeing it work I’m pretty sure it will be shipped out to backers! As for the Cubibot, I only said I was confident in it and I backed it. I didn’t give the same assurance as I did the Mooz even though I’ve talked to the owner a few times. I am NOT naive. But Geeez, come on, the Mooz has leaped over all the common sense tests when it comes to them having a product that’s ready to come to market. It’s more than someone just putting a “fly-by-night” project on Kickstarter to steal money from people. And as I said in my comments in this thread, “I’ve never backed anything on Kickstarter before”, so I’m sure he knows to re-check what I said. I even gave the link to Kickstarter for him to see for himself. Don’t cut down people if your here to help. And your input on the dangers of Kickstarter is appreciated. But don’t try to start an argument by making smart remarks.

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    Trust, because man want to believe in the best.

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    Well, I can admit when I am wrong and I was VERY wrong! Sorry Andrew, I guess I am naive 🙁 3D PrinterChat just posted a new article on the dangers of crowdfunding websites and it was a big kick in the face for me! I only paid attention to getting our money back if the project wasn’t 100% funded. I thought there would be no problems if the project got fully funded, but if it does then there is no safety net for the backers! They DO NOT have to pay any money back if they don’t follow through with what they claimed! That needs to be changed somehow! Im so sorry for giving you the wrong info Andy! I’m sure you probably already know all this by now. I got so excited by the pics and videos and went in with blinders on. I’m worried my money will have no return now. I’ve chalked it up to, “live and learn.” It hurt my wallet but there’s still hope..But..Right now it’s only hope. I think I’m out of the Kickstarter thing from now on.

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    Sorry, Internet search engine. For example, in Russia can find on avito.ru …

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    Hi! I have backed more than a dozen products on Kickstarter, and they have almost all delivered. Some products were better than others, but most worked as advertised. I have 2 3D printers from there, a CNC machine, headphones, projector, and numerous things that looked interesting and worth backing, if only to offer support to someone trying to make a product.

    I do believe that one must review the promised product carefully and make good choices. Often times, just reading their posts carefully will give some insight into their passion and their reality of understanding of the task.

    So caution yes!!!! But avoidance misses opportunities for great products.

    IMHO, of course…:-)

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