Who are the winners? 🤨

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    I saw another person mention bots winning the contests and I am actually worried that may actually be happening. I can never find the winners on site. I can’t find any comments or posts. I can’t find them in the list of members on the site. I worries me a little because of how much I try to contribute and promote the site. I want real people who participate to win. I hope my suspicions are incorrect.

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    My question was answered on the giveaway page itself. (Pasted here to make sure it gets seen.)

    Daniel Faegnell Says
    People are not forced to have a members account on the site to be in the draw thats why we from tim e to time also give something to people that are active. In a giveaway about 80% just does everything other then actually joining as a member.

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    I had another question about the giveaways, but did not want to start another thread.

    Does anyone know why contest deadlines get extended? I’ve noticed it a couple of times. Most recently with the Prusa MK3 giveaway.
    < https://3dprinterchat.com/reviewunit/ > The original end date was 2/14 and it has been extended to 2/16. I’m just wondering why the date gets pushed back.

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