Who are the winners? 🤨

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    I saw another person mention bots winning the contests and I am actually worried that may actually be happening. I can never find the winners on site. I can’t find any comments or posts. I can’t find them in the list of members on the site. I worries me a little because of how much I try to contribute and promote the site. I want real people who participate to win. I hope my suspicions are incorrect.

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    My question was answered on the giveaway page itself. (Pasted here to make sure it gets seen.)

    Daniel Faegnell Says
    People are not forced to have a members account on the site to be in the draw thats why we from tim e to time also give something to people that are active. In a giveaway about 80% just does everything other then actually joining as a member.

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    I had another question about the giveaways, but did not want to start another thread.

    Does anyone know why contest deadlines get extended? I’ve noticed it a couple of times. Most recently with the Prusa MK3 giveaway.
    < https://3dprinterchat.com/reviewunit/ > The original end date was 2/14 and it has been extended to 2/16. I’m just wondering why the date gets pushed back.

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    When will you announce the winners?

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      I am wondering the same thing. I know that it must take some time to clear out all of the fraudulent and “bot” entries, but the waiting is torture.

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    OK, what gives?… The Prusa giveaway got extended again. Now it says it will end on 3/7.

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    OK, I’m going nuts trying to find the link again to the Prusa giveaway since you said it was extended!! I deleted my bookmark to that giveaway page on the last day! I am so lost!..haha. Can you post the link to the Prusa Giveaway page so I can take a look pls?

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      Here you go!


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        Thanks Tom! I’m glad you said something about it. I just deleted my bookmark since there was other giveaways on this site thinking there would be a link to see the winner. I didn’t think it was going to get extended since it went all the way to the last day so I stopped coming back to it. Guess I need to keep them all bookmarked and keep an eye on them. I wish there was a way to keep all the bots away so this doesn’t keep happening!

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          I hear you! I wish there was a way to keep the bots and professional contest submitters away. It’s so hard to legitimately enter and win online contests because of them, Good luck to you and the other legitimate folks trying to win. Cheers!

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    Hi, why is this taking so long for Prusa MK3? I cant sleep at nights, i just want to know if there is any luck for me left in this world 😀

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      It’s like they enjoy torturing us! I’ll never be able to afford a new MK3 on my own, so I dying to find out who won. I don’t have any fingernails left to bite!!!

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        Well I am just a student and i also cant afford it, I have some great ideas and projects for my final assignment, and maybe, just maybe there is any luck to get one 🙂 but no matter who win it I just want to find out as soon as possible. 🙂

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          I can certainly sympathize with not being able to afford a MK3. I currently have a MonoPrice mini v1, but would love to get something bigger/better. Good luck to you! Maybe one of us will win. 🙂

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    I’m losing my mind. Two different printer giveaways have been over for a while now. Please end our torture!!!😵🤬😭

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    don’t trick people in joining your site in a fake giveaweay … Winner is? ….. Next week… next month No here is an another giveaway …click bait to give a person false hope …And the printer manufacturers you’re hurting ….Hey Manufacturers 3dprinterchat is using your printer in fake giveaweays…
    Please remove me from any of your contests

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      I’m not sure if they intentionally are being deceptive, or if the website just needs better management. I mean, they do “eventually” get around to announcing winners. Although, I have had my suspicions about that as well. I wish there was more communication from the site Admins. I feel like 3DPC, along with sites they run, are a part time job for them. I am on this site every day.
      Many days more than once. Hell, I’m willing to help if they need it. Anything that may help reduce the feeling of “radio silence” most of the time.

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    So we did get a winner announced for the Flashforge Creator Pro. It wasn’t me…. lol

    But we still need to know who won the Prusa MK3 and 2nd place in the Endurance Laser giveaway. I wish we could hear something from the admins. I hate sounding like such a negative nancy, but there is such a long delay between contest end dates and winner announcements.

    I really do enjoy this site, and the giveaways are an awesome way to increase membership and traffic. But when winners are never announced, it makes things look shady.

    There are several sites that all seem to be owned/ran/administered by the same group of folks. Many have articles written by many of the same authors as well. The giveaways on sites like AddGeeks, GoCryptly, and Hacks.Today all have giveaways that seem to also go radio silent after they end. Maybe the site admins are spreading themselves too thin?

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      Are moderators or site admins even looking at these forums anymore? I am on this site multiple times a day and see very little activity in general, let alone actual responses from anyone with any authority. 🙁

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