What was the first thing you made and why?

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    Hello, I was just wondering if you already had the idea of what you wanted to make when you got your printer or did it take a few days to figure it out? Or did you realize it was going to be harder than you thought and had to change your mind from what you wanted to make?

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    a desktop decoration! because its easy to design it and
    i cant find what i want in the store 😛

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    The first thing I printed was half of a Lucky Cat using the sample that came with my printer! The first object I printed completely was a Yoda Buddha for my desk. 🙂 I am now trying to learn TinkerCad so I can start to design my own stuff.

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    As I stated in my Intro, I made screen corners for repairing screens. My work place is very impressed and make a big thing about it. My son introduced me to TinkerCad and that’s what I use. However, I know there are better and more flexible cad programs, but I’m hook on Tinker.

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