Wagner Aranha, a brazillian 3D printing enthusiast

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    Hi, I’m Wagner Aranha from “Dragon 3D Impressoras e Serviços” from Brazil.

    I’ve been studying and researching the 3D printing process since 2011. In 2012 I was finishing my first 3D printer, a Prusa Mendel v2. Since then I have done a lot of testing and helped a lot of people from Brazil to build their own 3D printers. Today I have 2 working 3D printers (the Prusa Mendel v2 and a Movtech Cubica), I’m helping two friends build their own Graber i3 and I’m waiting to receive a Pirate 3D’s Baccaneer and a Open Beam’s Kossel Pro.

    I’m also beginning to write my posts for the blog. I’ll do some How-to’s and technical posts. If you have any suggestion, send me a message here or a Private Message or e-mail me at [email protected].

    See ya!

    Wagner Aranha

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    I like how to´s! 😀   And future upcoming or new stuff on the market!

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