Voting for Questions & Answers is not working for me?

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    So I have asked and answered several questions in the new “3D Printing Related Questions” section.
    The voting button does not work. I have tried to vote for both questions and answers that I liked, but my vote never “sticks”. It appears to take the vote and shows the number of stars I picked. When you go out of the question and back to the main list however, the vote is not retained.

    Is this happening for anyone else?

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    Hello buddy, I don’t understand your means?

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      I will try to elaborate.

      Go to the “3D Printing Related Questions” section of the site by clicking on the link I included in my original post.

      Click on one of the questions posted there.

      For both the question as well as answers there are stars you can click on to vote on the question as well as how good the answers are.

      When I vote, they do not seem to register after going back to the main questions section.

      I hope this helps clear up what I am talking about. Hopefully one of the site admins will see this.

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