Thoughts on Proto Pasta HTPLA

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    So I may be in the major minority here but…

    I have had nothing but trouble with the Proto Pasta Black HTPLA. I have never got a print to finish. I constantly get nozzle jams at a wide range of temps and speeds. I even adjusted the extrusion% above and below 100 trying to dial it in.

    Has anyone else had these issues or am I just really unlucky?

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    So, I just wanted to give everybody an update on the Proto-Pasta filament. Like I said before, I had nothing but trouble with the bk=lack sample they sent me. Back around Christmas, I tried another color, Rose Gold. This sample printed beautifully. Maybe it was the sample of black, or I had angered the 3D printing gods back in October. Either way, it looks like Proto-Pasta may have some consistency issues, but if you get a good sample, it’s really good.

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