The 3D Printing Gifts Guide 2018 – My Thoughts

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    I guess I’ll start with some comments on the current list. Then I’ll try to add to it.
    Here we go…

    * I agree that the MPSM is an awesome entry level 3D printer. I feel like the MPSM user community may get a bad rep. We tend to be on the newer end of the spectrum, but like many other sub groups within the maker community. Hiccups and fails are typically approached with a drive to figure out and fix, not quit. Also if you are mentioning the mini, you should mention the Monoprice Select Mini Wiki. <; It has user guides, tips, links to printable upgrades, links to replacement parts, etc. At this point Monoprice should be linking to it directly. haha

    * Multi-material and multi-color printing with a single head extruder can produce some stunning results. I feel like a subsection here should be devoted to less expensive alternatives like multi color filament spools or filament splicers. There are several brands of color gradient filaments like Strong Hero and UniCoFil that look great. There are also splicers that you can buy or make yourself for creating patterns similar to what is pictured in this section of your guide. I just think some options for the more fiscally challenged of us should be included.
    Now for some things to add…
    * Painter’s Multi-Tool – Everyone says to get a scraper but I suggest a painter’s tool. They are called 9-in-1, 14-in-1, or whatever-in-1. Painter’s tools just seem to work a little better than your standard scraper. Plus, the hooked part of the blade is good for removing stubborn parts of rafts and brims.

    * Heat Gun – A heat gun is great for restoring your print’s surface after sanding. You must use caution as too much heat can soften or deform the print, and even blister the surface if held in one place too long. But, with quick controlled passes you can smooth and restore that just printed look. This is especially good when you don’t want to paint and are using materials that are not especially easy to vapor smooth.

    *Specific Tools not kits – Bear with me on this one. I am sympathetic to the convenience of getting all the tools you need in a single purchase. I find that your money is better spent on building a kit. I suggest using the contents of a kit you like as your shopping list. Acquiring a halfway decent kit over time is better than buying a kit that gives you a bunch of poorly performing tools all at once. Rounded off hex wrenches and low quality snips; Bad scrapers causing gouges in printer beds or even worse, gouges in your hands. I don’t feel the trade off is worth it.

    I hope I came off as helpful and not critical. 🙂 I really do like this list and just wanted to add to it.

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