Simplify3d owns your gcode?

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    I just found this on a makersmuse video..?  Is it accurate? Its a comment by a viewer named Chris.

    Chris Wilson för 1 vecka sedan
    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but it’s a biggie: I use S3D as well, but I feel it’s important to let all S3D users know there’s a form of DRM attached. Any GCODE generated from Simplify3D is OWNED by Simplify3D, so technically you’re not allowed to give that GCODE to anyone else, because, well… you don’t own it, Simplify3D does. This is a dick move on their part and they dance around the whole question when asked, but it’s there if you read the legal documentation.

    It’s made me want to move towards Craftware as my slicer of choice.

    …Something to think about before spending the 130 USD on the product.

    If it is its fucking terrible… :/

  • Participant

    Hey Daniel. I reached out to my contact at Simplify3D, and this is, in fact, 100% false. They do not own any of the gcode created from their application. I don’t know what legal documentation this person was reading, but I read the EULA, and in no way does it say any of this.

    Reach out to me if you have any further questions.

  • Participant

    thats a relief. its recognised by many as the best slicer. would’ve been very odd.

  • Participant

    Holy Jeebus, you had me scared for a minute there!

    Thought I was gonna have to ditch my favorite slicer.

    • Keymaster

      Lol yeah it had me scared aswell 😀 haha

  • Participant

    And why do we need G-codes? To grind the model on a lathe tool?

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