Semi-Newbie…have 3d printer about a year now

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    I have an XYZ da Vinci 1.0A printer. Older technology but decent.
    I’m retired and work part time in a local hardware store. I’m the screen and window repair guy.
    My son got me interested when he made a part for me that I needed at my work place.
    My main prints are screen corners repairs. But lately I’m beginning to try other things.
    I hope glean help and information from this forum and web site and maybe I can even contribute as I get better at it.

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    Welcome to the site Norm! I’m somewhat new to 3D printing as well. Still in my 1st year. Do you have any pics of the repair prints you have made? I’m curious what they look like.

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      Hi tom,

      I just went public with most of my screen corners. They can be seen on TinkerCad. Do search on my name or Screen Corner and you’ll see most of them.

      Tom, what printer do you have and what type of things have you printed?

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        I found you. “Norm202” right? So are those corner pieces used to fix the frames for the screens? That looks like a really great way to make functional prints. DO you use PLA, or can the DaVinci use ABS?

        Right now I have a Monoprice Select mini v1. I have mostly printed toys for my 2 year old and other little things of little use. I did end up making a replacement tip for daughter’s crutches out of some pink NinjaFlex. so that was pretty cool. I have a link to my Imgur gallery where I have a bunch of pictures of stuff I printed.

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