Prusa is Mk2 Calibration Issue

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    Hey all,

    Trying to calibrate my newly constructed Prusa but when it tests out an axis, the extruder section moves and does not stop even when it is maxed out and then stats making a loud noise, trying to force its self to continue. Any thoughts on my next move to fix it? Thanks!

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    Bad end-switch or sensor? On the milling machine were put in one time two type end-switch: digital end-switch and other to turn off general power.

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    Hello! 1st post
    …. but I’ve been through a lot recently so you might find some bits I found early useful…

    If you’re in Pronterface (or if there is different I haven’t seen as of yet) and talking to the printer, send it m119 in the command window. GCodeM119.. It sends back the end-stop sensor status for each one.. Just check they are toggling when you think they are.. Z, X and Y, just make sure..


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    Can you give an example? The format of the response is interesting. Where Z is upper, where Z is the bottom, where everything is for Y and where for X is.

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    Hi again,

    Actually I figured out that problem. I had some of the wires tied in a way that got in the way. That works now. But now I have a problem with the XYZ calibration and the mesh bed calibration.

    During the 3/4 part of the XYZ calibration, the extruder catches the paper after about 20 seconds or so.

    During the mesh bed calibration, the extruder forcibly pushes the bed down. This problem seems to happen in about the space area as the previous issue. The back middle of the bed.

    I really don’t know what to do to fix these problems. I have video of the problems happening but not sure how to post them here.

    I would appreciate any help 🙂

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    Try the link to YouTube.

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    XYZ Calibration Problem

    Mesh Bed Calibration Problem

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