Printer Remmendations For Mobile operation

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    I am currently working on a project for which I am seeking any assistance you guys may be able to offer.

    I am currently building a 28′ trailer which I intend to fill with as many types and models of 3D Printers as possible. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 Printers. We are wiring the entire trailer with cameras, powering it with solar and a small generator. Once completed we will be traveling the united states and visiting schools from elementary to college level as well as many other events and gatherings.

    We will be performing demonstrations, holding build events and educating as many people as possible about 3D Printing as well as reviewing printers and loading content to YouTube.

    First I would like to receive as many printer recommendations as possible. This being a mobile operation printers must be stable and able to reasonably handle the rigors of regular transport. So with that in mind I ask everyone to make recommendations. I do ask that those recommendations not exceed the sale price of $500.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    So I realize this is an old post, and these forums do not see much traffic. That being said, I definitely recommend the MonoPrice Select mini. It is a great entry level printer. It has a small footprint, and travels well. It also has a great user community as well as solid support from the vendor if you run into trouble.

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