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    Has anyone built there own enclosure for 3D printing? I just read the article from July about UFP’s and VOC’s related to 3D printing. I am hoping to hear some lessons learned before I attempt this myself. Thanks!

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    You could just go to the hardware store and buy some plexiglass (get them to cut it along with a hole for a fan/filter). They did all that for me when I built a starter box for my gas R/C truck (I thought it would be neat to see through it). But make sure you buy good glue/adhesive to put it together! My box caved in after pressing the truck down on it to start the motor after a couple of days! I found some good stuff on “eplastics” to put it back together and it’s still around my garage somewhere ready to be charged and used again! I imagine you could rip a small fan out of something small and wire it straight to a battery pack to keep the air circulating (but not to cool..You want to keep it warm inside)

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      Thank you for the input. I wasn’t even thinking plexiglass. I was wondering how to enhance my carpentry skills enough to make a good cabinet. I am also wondering what kind of filtration system I could build into the enclosure to keep UFPs and VOCs from getting into me and my family’s lungs! 🙂

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    Did you see the article in 3D PrinterChat about the fumes?
    You weren’t thinking plexiglass? You want to make a wooden enclosure??

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      I had seen several people re-purpose old Ikea cabinets as a printer enclosure. I was thinking I could make something similar. Essentially a wooden box with a glass/plastic panel on the front door and exhaust fans built in. The way you described building a Plexiglas enclosure and how it has held up made me think that is the way to go. Ans, it was the July article about UFPs and VOC’s that made me want to build an enclosure.

      Thanks again for your input.

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