Plastic injecting mold?

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    I used to work on plastic injector molding machines back in my late 20’s and played around with them and made some crazy, very un-useful was fun when everything was working right but these machines were dinosaurs of another area and would break down at least once every 2 or 3 days. Plus the molds were very costly to make! But the amount of time it took to make a part was only seconds. I was wondering if anyone ever thought about making molds out of the type of sand used in metal casting.. (bells is one thing that’s poured in sand molds and made). I’m wondering if it would be possible for someone to use plastic with this kind of compacting sand? You could make what you wanted out of wax then mold and compact the sand around it (in 2 piece wooden boxes), then melt the wax and pour it out then pouur melted plastic in the mold. It sounds like it should work. But I’m sure theres something I’m missing that would make it with my experience..haha

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