PeachyPrinter, Another failed Kickstarter?

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    Nathan Cox

    What do you think about things like Kickstarter,PeachyPrinter and the state of the 3d printing market? Should we have faith or should we be more ready with torches and pitchforks?

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    Daniel F

    I think its a shame that the Peachy Printer never came out. :/

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    Stan Baldwin

    I think the AM / 3D printing market is exploding, and Peachy is going to be one of many victims of a turblulent market. Like all new technology there is a period of innovation and startups, followed by market stabilization.

    Many of the articles saying that 3D printing is dead are wrong… Certiantly companys like Makerbot and Peachy collapsed, but that was more the result of management failures than any market factors.

    3D printing is in a turbulent phase of development now with early addaptors, but the comercial and home markets will soon open up.

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      Pavel Merkel

      3D printing market must be flexible. If product ingenious, all it is necessary to move to old method pour under pressure. The Pressure – much perfects the features of the material.

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