Our Raise3D N1 Dual Extruder and our Wanhao Duplicator i3

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    Hi there. Im Matt, half of the http://jetprints.biz family. My son Jonathan wanted a printer for a year and tried every way possible to get one. It wasnt until I started flying drones and FPV Quads that I saw the value. We first bought a Wanhao Di3 and then a Raise3d N1 with dual extruders.

    COnsiderinbg a 3rd soon – need to see what people are using and love.

    I tweeted about it under @Jet_prints – feel free to share or comment


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    Take a look at the ulticampy v3, its the most awesome and relatively cheap printer i had.

    Right now i have 5 Ulticampy’s and 3 Graber’s

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    Yes, awesome device.

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