Original Prusa Mk2, CR-10, Wanhao i3 v2, CTC Replicator 2

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    Original Prusa Mk2, very nice. waiting on me building an enclosure before I can use it to its fullest potential

    CR-10, As it stands a nice budget high build volume printer, am going to heavily upgrade it, adding dual extruder, smoothie board plus touch screen LCD, silicone heated bed etc.

    Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2, currently adding a Titan extruder with E3D v6

    CTC Replicator 2, a nice work horse, needs a part cooling fan & probably close the walls of, enclosing the print area.

    Plus a couple of other low price Chinese printers, including a delta they are assembled but not working, mainly due to having no space for them to work, I need to build some sort of shelving units to put them on.

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    Plus a CR-10. Very nice machine for the money!
    And a SLA printer, a cheap one from China, don’t know how good till I get some resin 🙂

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