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    Hi there so i need a nose mask that opens and closes to help with my disability.
    here is the nose mask

    this needs to go at the bottom

    If this could be used to open and close it that would be incredible

    I wanted to put a motor where the open and close part of the wrench was to make it operate on a remote control

    This would be helping millions of people just like the 3d printer arm did for kids with no arms, I hope someone will help

    I need this because after the car hit me i cant hold air in my body and it causes me irrationality

    right now i wear a surgical mask but i have to keep adjusting the mask constantly to keep it at the right air amount

    there should be a form for helping people with disabilities

    I hope someone will help me,

    my region is not helping me

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    Hello James, Welcome to 3D Printer Chat. I’m sorry you are having so much trouble getting help with a necessary medical device. I am trying to understand a little bit more about what you’re asking. Are you looking to have a cover that goes over your nose that opens and closes via a hinge at the bottom? How would the adjustable wrench come into the design? I imagine you are looking to use a mechanism similar to how the wrench jaws open and close to open and close your nose mask. This is all speculation on my part though. Could you give me a little more detail about your design? Possibly some sort of drawing or illustration showing me what you’re talking about.

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