New to 3d printing and this forum!

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    Just another newbie with an el cheapo Anet A8 printer that works fabulously!!

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    Welcome to the forums! The forums have pretty much dried up sadly (not many talking). I hope this changes and try and stay semi active.

    I do have a question for you though have you looked up how to change your firmware in your printer? The Anet A8 is the one noted as starting fires due to the safeties being disabled in the firmware. I would look in to that if you haven’t. Not trying to scare you or nothing how ever better safe then sorry. Happy Printing!

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      Joel Telling, The 3D Printing Nerd, put out a video concerning this very thing. I can’t remember the title though. I’ll have to search and find it.

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    I have just purchased the same printer. I’m glad you’re getting on well with it, I had some absolute disasters to start with. Finally found some decent filament from Florence Tech and all seems to be good now, Brian is absolutely right about the settings, get it checked. What sort of prints are you doing?

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