New Kickstarter 3D Checkers Game to print *Cristmas Gift idea*

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    Hello Everyone,

    I’m excited to present to you all a new Kickstarter idea I recently developed. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.

    It is a recreation of Checkers to print and play just in time for Christmas!! A Case offer is also shown.

    It is displayed on Kickstarter as 3d Printable Checker Set.



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    I don’t mean to nit-pick or be a downer here, or to poo-poo on your business model. There are lots, and I mean lots of free checkers STLs available online. I applaud you for trying to earn money using your 3D printer. I wish I could do the same. I just have doubts that you will get too many backers. This is just my 2 cents.

    Also, I think this falls under the “No solicitation” rule for the forums. We don’t get much activity here but I would like to keep that activity appropriate.

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