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    Hey guys, I’m new here. Don’t have a 3D printer. Haven’t even got to see one in real life but have been reading all about them! I might end up asking dumb questions but I’m learning..haha. I love the idea of being able to create the things we come up with! And being able to fix things with “one off” parts!

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    A 3D printer is a good hobby.

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    It sounds and (by the videos) looks like a wonderful hobby. I’ve been pouring myself into the articles and info and am ready to start doing more! And a hobby is something I truly need (mentally and physically!)

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    Hello Everyone, I am new to this discussion forum. I hope it would be great to participate in the discussions. It will help me improve my knowledge and skills. Thanks

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    Hi all, got quickly hooked onto 3D printing after I started taking my son to a nearby library that allowed me to use their Ultimakers for free. Since then, I have been going once a week for almost a year learning and printing. I recently ordered my own Prusa MK2 and hope to get it the end of the month. Took me a while to save but I know it is going to be worth the wait! 🙂

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    I wish our library had a 3D printer we could use! That sounds awesome! They are getting big and soon will be everywhere! I can only imagine the advances they will have 5-7 years from now!

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    And where is the epoxy resin?

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