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    While its nothing super special I’m using a Wanhao i3 Duplicator v2.1 (rebranded) that the store was selling cheaply because they where clearing them out (they no longer sell them).

    Wanhao i3 Dup

    Added the Acrylic case around it (Want to print some ABS) and a old laptop running Repetier server with a cheap logitech Camera.

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    Welcome to 3DPC! I have heard a lot of good stuff about the Wanhao printers. How long have you had your 3D printer? I currently only have a Monoprice Select mini v1, but I am hoping to get a larger printer soon. I think an article was just posted here reviewing the same type of printer you have.

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    I’ve owned it for a few months now. if I correctly level it each time (aka don’t rush through leveling) it works pretty good a bit fiddly at times but nothing that isn’t expected with a low cost 3d printer. I also admit I upgraded the hotend slightly with a micro swiss all metal hotend. That Link is the same printer expect the 2.1 has a couple of upgrades from the older v2 (very minor upgrades). I also have to admit I’ve fully ripped the thing a part and looked in side (didn’t mod any thing I know a lot of people buy them and upgrade the board). Honestly bought it as a “cheap beginners” 3d printer for $250 USD and decent reviews I’m not complaining. Sure I added the Micro Swiss hot end but that was cheap (like $30).

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    hi i’am new on this domain, i search a good 3d printer for beginning!. Do you have a recommendation for me?

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