My One and a Half Printers

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    Hi 3dprinterchat,

    Up! Plus2

    This is my old workhorse of 3 years, the Up Plus2.  I’ve modified her with beep suppression, blinky light blackout, upgraded bowden tube, lexan build plate, and non-stick nozzle.

    My new printer that I’m currently building is a totally custom 48 inch tall delta reprap that will have a printable area of about 18 inches in diameter.  I’m making things up as I go along, picking and choosing what I like from various reprap designs.  If you want to follow along in agonizing detail as I fumble about and probably electrocute myself, you can do so at

    the new printer

    Any questions, please ask away. What should I name this monstrosity?

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    Wow that thing is going to be a beast!

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