My first printer

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    Have a Trinius from Kodama that i got via Kickstarter. Had some headaches at first but once everything sorted has been a very solid printer.
    Currently working kinks out on a FLSUN Cube printer that i picked up for the larger build volume (260×260, 350mm high).
    will upload a pics once i figure out how to lol

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    Nice…Glad the Kickstarter company you backed sent you the 3D printer! I backed one called Cubibot a very long time ago and still haven’t heard anything from them. I’ve written them more than I can remember but no response. “Live and Learn” I guess…haha. Glad you’re here! And thanks for sharing with us!

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    Thanks for the welcome. Yup got the Trinus in spring of 2017 and it is a workhorse. For most part just works. Now my FLSUN…well that’s an ongoing project lol.

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