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    Hi fellow makers!

    I was annoyed by the loading time & compatibility problems of the STL viewers I tried, so I wrote one myself and I want to share it with you:

    Not only is it faster than other STL programs, you can also skip to the next file in the folder simply with the right arrow key. I can now browse a folder full of STLs in seconds.

    I hope that it’s as useful to you as it is to me!

    Drop me a note if something doesn’t work as expected or if you’re missing something. I’m always improving it.

    – Chris

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    Holiday update for the viewer:

    If you have any feedback or if something doesn’t work as expected, just answer me here 🙂

    Thanks again to all the testers for helping me improve the viewer!

    Have a nice holiday!

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    Over the course of the last weeks, I added solid outline/wireframe rendering to the viewer. If you missed that feature, you should probably update Papa’s Best STL Viewer by running the new setup 🙂

    Solid Outline Rendering

    Many other things have been fixed or improved as well; you can read the changelog on my download page for details!

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    Krishty, I’ll be sure to rerun the setup and check out the new feature. I really liked using your viewer. It’s easy to install and use. As I amass a significant amount of STLs this is becoming even more useful.

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