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    Thought I might as well introduce myself so hello all.

    My name is Mattias Nowak and I live in Sweden. Started using 3D-printers in September 2015 and it has been running almost 24/7 since I bought it. I have rebuilt, redesigned och replaced lots of parts on my printer as it broke down lots of times.

    Mostly using SketchUp and have been using it since 2002, before that I played around with 3D-Studio and some other software but once SketchUp was released I was stuck. Have also tried Fusion360 and it works better for some parts but most of the parts I am creating are made in SketchUp.

    3D-printing is one of my many hobbies. I ride enduro and have been doing that since early 1983, I rebuild and tune cars, I build and drive radiocontrolled cars (mostly crawlers because they are not so fast) and quadcopters.

    I have got many projects going on all the time plus I have got a wife and her hobby is importing and selling horses and we have got two kids, a daughter 5 years old and a son 3 years old. Feels like there is never enough time.

    Now my 3D-printer is starting to fall to pieces and I am thinking of getting a new printer. Have been looking at lots of printers and I really like to do a Delta DIY-kit this time but time will tell.

    That is all I can think of at the moment but if you want to know anything, feel free to ask.

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