makerbot Repl. 2 gap between infill and shell

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    My Replicator 2 has been printing flawlessly for a long time and them the hot end unit went bad so I ordered a new one and installed it and now all my prints have a gap between the shell and the infill. The odd thing is the gap is only in one axis. I printed the same part twice (at the same time and turned on 90 degrees to verify and the gap is on only one axis. At the same time I got a new laptop so I installed the latest version of makerware. I have uninstalled and tried makerware version 3.6 and 3.7 and 3.9 without improvement.

    If I turn the part 45 degrees is only happens in the corners. Did installing a new hot end and nozzle cause this??? How do I correct this error? Is there some sort of calibration I need to go through.

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    I will check this with @Italo and get back to you!

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    It may be a calibration problem in the head, or one of the belts. Or the head is tilted.


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