I'm a hard core DIYer


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    I’m that guy that would rather turn a wrench and bust his knuckles instead of paying 2 extra bucks to have someone else change his oil. If you have a DIY idea or just what to know what i’m building keep an eye out for my posts. at the very least you should get a laugh at my expense when I land myself in the hospital again.

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    Love it , My reaction is – you want to buy a what!!!! – nah whatever it is I can make one of those , and if you have anything that does not work – I can always fix it.

    Been an engineer , programmer , worked on production lines ,big blue chip companies in Europe- now sort of semi retired ,helping a few guys run a maker space and my own little online business.

    Now trying to get to grips with FreeCAD….

    And based in the UK

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    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="302"]3d printer salut 3d printer salut[/caption]

    Im that guy that pays someone to do my dirty work… 😉

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    haha, oh dear. well i like your style, but i hope you don’t end up in the hospital! looking forward to seeing your creations.

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