I really want to own a 3D printer.

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    Hi guys! I’m Paarkum, a full stack web developer, web designer, virtual assistant, blogger, computer specialist, freelance and amateur video-grapher and photographer… Aside those, I love doing stuff like DIY (do it yourself) or RIBY (repair it by yourself). Since we all know that we liked many things, but we have limited resource, therefor to afford other things I like and to save, I do other stuffs by myself.

    I really like to win one of your 3D printer. Because not just for hobbies, I want to create many things for my son and wife, and my family. I can already imagine what I can make out of this, such as my son’s action figures, car model, race tracks, toys, part of broken toys, missing part of toys, and a lot more… As for my wife, I can make a helping tools, equipment, accessories, such as replacement for lamp shade cover and stand, mobile phone holder, customized picture frame, part of broken things, home accessories, and a lot more…

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