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    Hello there, just signing up on website. Figure to stop in say hi. I’m from geogia in usa. Started printing for about a year a year now and I have a Alunar A6. Which would say it’s pretty much heavy modded or modded with printed parts. I’m running a e3d hotend with Frankenstein with bltouch autolevel. Running bowden setup with a geared wade extruder which love and have to say one of the best things I printed for it. Replaced the stick coupler which got rid of alot of the z wobble. Also replacing the arcylic carriage boxes with printed ones with better and lighter ones help also. I usually print at about 80mm/s normally and slow it done for smaller stuff. But just depends. But also love using tech orbits filament. Whish they had more Colors. But anyways thanks for the join on the websites.

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    Nice to meet you! I’m Richard from Alabama…Sounds like you’ve been hard at work setting that up! I don’t have a printer but have designed a few things on CAD and sent one in about a week ago to be printed. Can’t wait to have it sent to me! I’ve been interested in 3D printing for a little over a year now…I bought a small 3D printer on Kickstarter a while back but it will take some time for it to be shipped out…I hope!!! It’s the Cubibot…It’s small but it’s a great little worker from what I’ve been reading. Money has kept me from buying a bigger one for now. But I’m sure I’ll be happy with this one for now. I don’t think there’s much activity on this forum so don’t be surprised if you post a question and not get an answer right off. It’s been a ghost town for a couple of months and I’ve been asking around in here what happened to everyone…But never get an answer. Hopefully, things will pick up with the new contest going on!

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