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    hi everyone.


    hope you are well today!

    i am fairly new to 3d printing, but have been fascinated by the technology for a while.


    i have a boxzy cnc machine, but currently only the milling and lazer engraving head, so am yet to do some 3d printing. i am a huge fan of crowdfunding. in a few weeks i have a TIKO on the way, and soon after i will be getting a TRINUS; both kickstarters, like the boxzy.

    i have also backed the polysmooth device for vapor smoothing prints, and also have a diamond hot end, although it seems like i will have to build a custom printer to finally but that to use.

    one of the first things i want to print is a memoov robot (a hand to begin with), as well as other, non-humanoid and more functional robots. also a set of my own ears for binaural audio recordings.

    i love mechanical and functional 3d prints. other than robotics, i have only really seen some planetary gears. i’d like to focus on truly functional prints. do any of you know of any examples of particularly creative 3d printing with normal fdm printers? i would love to see what you are printing, and the ideas you may have.


    glad to be a part of the community. for now, i wish you happy printing!

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