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    I’m Chris from Germany. I’m not actually a maker, but my day job involves CAD and 3D printing systems. I’m glad to meet you all!

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    Hello, nice to meet you. How long have you worked on 3D printing systems and what do you do? I seen your post with the stl reader link you put in. Is that what you mostly do at work- write stl files for projects? Forgive me for being “iffy” about not clicking the link you posted for the reader. You never know when someone wants to do bad stuff and spread a bad link. Can you tell us a little about it? First off, I’m new so a lot of things might fly over my head but I’m sure a lot of people would like to know what you built.

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    Hi Richard, glad to meet you!

    I’m working for a CAD vendor with a STL repair option (won’t do any advertising here). A major part of my job in the past year was ensuring that

    1. STL files load properly into our product,

    2. our product repairs them to watertightness/closed topology etc,

    3. we don’t break them on export.

    Opening one file after another in Meshlab & Co for inspection was very annoying (I’ve got a test set of thousands of STLs here – text/binary, with/without color, and so on). I wrote my STL Viewer at home to speed up the process – go through the files like a photo gallery, dozens per minute.

    Some friends and colleagues liked it a lot, so I decided to make a website instead of sending it via E-Mail. Now that I have a website, I can just as well share it with the world.

    I see that unknown links are often problematic so you can look for feedback from other users:

    There’s a positive reddit thread from last week.
    The guys at 3dprintboard love the speed.

    My program in specific is often detected as a false positive. That’s because today’s anti virus software uses heuristics: Viruses are very small, and so is my program (portable version < 70 KB), so it could be a virus. Viruses need no other components installed, and neither does my program, so it could be a virus. And so on. I’ve fixed the problems with AVG and G-Data (see here) and I’m awaiting answer from Avast, so warnings from one of these suites can be safely dismissed.

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    Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I will check out Reddit link and go from there. Thanks for sharing your work with everybody! I’m sure it will be welcomed very much!Sounds like you definitely know what your doing!!! I’ll pass this along to some people on the site because I don’t know how often they check this forum. I’m sure they would like to try it out.

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