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    Hello!! 🙂

    My my, I’ve had such a fun couple of weeks I am happy to have my I3 working to my orders and making bits on demand!!

    I come from an engineering background, ran educational IT for a while and now develop lighting systems at home… I have a deep knowledge of PIC and Vero-board, as well as .NET and Windows.. And a bit of unix and paint and Office etc!

    But I do like fun, trying to make every task fun is my fun… A bit of stand-up comedy and karaoke too!! 🙂 And I’m the best yo-yo-ist you’ve ever known… And I make them on my lathe…
    The second proper print I did from my MK2 was a fidget-spinner I photocopier scanned and processed.. I’m a dab-hand with Ricoh Copiers too

    I can see potential in model making, 3d design, life in general..
    I’ve had a temporal lobe removed, a lobe resection in fact, so I am a bit weird. But even though I’ve been through months of pain and a change in personality, that was still funnier than me!! 😛

    Got to the end? I felt like it, but now I’ve got something creative I can be doing…! I’ll make some yo-yo!
    NEAL 🙂

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