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    I’m new to here so I’ll just say I like 3d printing and what it opens up. I have two 3d printers one is a self-built Prusa clone, and I won an Anet E10 from YouTube giveaway. I’ve been into this hobby for almost a year now. I guess that’s a start.

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    Welcome to 3D printer Chat from Tom in NJ! I am fairly new to 3D printing as well. I currently only have a MPSM v1, but I’m looking to get my second printer soon. Couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind. How do you like your Anet? I was looking at some of the Anets on Gearbest(A6 & A8)but wasn’t sure about pulling the trigger. Also, how hard was it to build your Prusa clone? Was it kit based, or did you source all the parts yourself?

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    Hey Justin, hope you had a good holiday! I’ve only been into 3D printing for about a year and a half. I don’t have a printer yet but am close to spending the money I have saved up for it. Was waiting for Christmas to pass before I spent any big money. I’m also wondering about the Anet? I’m like Tom in looking at the same models. I would love to build my own so I would know each and every part in case something went wrong. Plus I could build it like I like, with the parts I want in a 3D printer. Did you have a good experience with building your own? Nice to have you here! Hope you stick around and share some of your experience with us. It’s always nice to have a group of people in the same place that shares the same hobby!

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