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    I would just like to say hello. My daughter and I will be joining the world of 3d printing later on this year, when funds become available. I find this site an excellent resource. I am teaching my daughter about new and emerging tech, and the tech that is around us every day. I am 55 years old and my daughter is 12, which is an excellent age to fire up the mind. later on once we do get a printer we will be going into using different types of cad software. /any recommendations out there. something both my daughter and i can use with too much hassle. Thanks for this site!

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    Hi Ronald! Welcome to the site. I have been 3D printing for almost a year now and, trust me, you’ll love it. A really good place to start designing is Tinkercad. [www.tinkercad.com] There’s an intro tutorial and a really simple learning curve. Check out the Youtube channel ‘CHEP Filament Friday’ for some great videos about 3D printing with many instructional designing videos using Tinkercad. Let me know if you have any other questions, or if there is anything else I can do.

    Happy Printing!

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    I find that I’m more of a Fusion 360 person then Tinker cad person. Both are good cad programs both are free (well Fusion 360 is only free for non commercial use not sure Tinker cads license). Like Tinker cad, F360 has a lot of you tube videos & tutorials online to get you started. Both Cad apps are great! My suggestion is learn one and stick with it until it no longer meets your need. Better to be great at one then so so with a bunch of them.

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