Heavily Modded RigidBot Regular

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    My rig started life as a RigidBot Regular kit from Kickstarter.  Since then I have changed out to a E3d V6, replaced the X carriage twice and currently a Peter Stoneham single  extruder carriage with a dual in reserve, changed to 16 tooth X & Y GT2 pulleys, designed and installed a new set of  idler pulleys and mounts along with a dual part fan and BL Touch mount.  I also did a full Plexi thermal enclosure with a new control cabinet in the design stage.  Changed out to a glass print bed, added lighting and changed from a RAMPS to Mks 1.4 control board.  All wiring and connectors have been upgraded and I am also working on a cable chain design for the X & Y axes.  Future mods include a cabinet filtration and heating system, thermocouple for the extruder and filament guide tube assembly along with a few software upgrades.

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